Biking Holidays In France.

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When you think of France, what comes to mind? The Eiffel Tower? The Louver? Maybe Paris,
the City of Light? While these are all wonderful things to see and do in France, why not make
your trip a little more adventurous? Why not explore the French countryside on bikes?
La Ligne Verte specializes in providing biking holidays in France. Whether you're looking for
a leisurely trip through the vineyards of the Loire Valley or a challenging journey through the
mountains of the Alps, they can tailor a trip to suit your needs. You'll have the opportunity to
really take in the scenery, plus you'll be able to stop whenever you want to explore a particular
town or village.
If you're planning a trip to France, La Ligne Verte would be happy to help you make it a
splendid one and work with you to choose the right routes along with the best accommodations.
Contact us today to start planning your adventure!
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